Igor Santos-Grueiro


I am always looking for bright students to supervise and work with in interesting topics. However, please be sure that you understand my current research interests before contacting me. I do not like to waste time reading applications in fields other than system security.

There is no specific time to apply as a student, but since my funding may vary during the year, please keep in mind that it makes more sense applying at the beginning of a term (September-October and January-February).

You should be fluent in English, have good grades, and good programming skills in several languages. Previous background on system security is also welcome as well as previous scientific publications or collaborations in research projects. When applying, please attach your CV and letters of recommendation, if any. Also, a summary of your research interests and how my research fits in them is more than welcome.

Please be specific in the email, a very bad way to start in academia is to write a generic application email and spam lots of professors working on different fields of study.

Finally, be patient. Eventually, I will contact you back.

Current students

I am really fortunate to supervise the PhD or MSc thesis of the following students:

  • Oscar Llorente-Vazquez, PhD in Vulnerability Analysis
  • Alberto Fernandez-de-Retana, PhD in Web Security
  • Markel Baskaran, MSc in Malware Analysis

Former PhD students

I am proud of having been the supervisor of these researchers:

  • Iskander Sanchez-Rola (2018), Web Security (co-advised with Davide Balzarotti)
         Currently at NortonLifeLock Research Group
  • Iván García-Ferreira (2015), Program Analysis (co-advised with Pablo G. Bringas)
         Currently at Caixa Bank
  • Xabier Ugarte-Pedrero (2015), Malware Analysis (co-advised with Pablo G. Bringas)
        Currently at CISCO Security Intelligence and Research group
  • Jorge de-la-Peña-Sordo (2014), Web Analytics (co-advised with Pablo G. Bringas)
        Currently at IngeTeam R & D
  • Aitor Santamaría-Ibirika (2014), Graphics (co-advised with Pablo G. Bringas)
        Currently at Santa Monica Studios
  • Félix Brezo (2014), Network Security (co-advised with Pablo G. Bringas)
        Currently at Telefónica
  • Iker Pastor-López (2013), Intelligent Manufacturing (co-advised with Pablo G. Bringas)
        Currently at University of Deusto